Do I need an appointment to have my cat examined?
Appointments help us arrange our time so that every pet and owner receive our full attention. If the available appointment times are difficult for you to make, consider arranging a drop off appointment with us. For your kitty's safety and comfort, we recommend bringing him/her in a kennel crate, along with a note explaining the reason for the visit and any other concerns you may have. At the appointed time, we will then examine your kitty, provide any necessary and/or approved treatment. Your kitty will usually be kept in his own travel kennel in order to keep his/her stress to a minimum unless the situation requires transferral to one of our treatment cages. Owners may then pick up their pets later in the day. This option works quite well for many of our clients and it also gives patients an opportunity to unwind a bit from the car trip before we handle them. If your cat is very sick, please do not wait! While we do our best to fit unexpected ill kitties in on the same day, but it isn't always feasible. If your cat needs seen today, please seek help with a nearby clinic that has an opening. Don't try to wait if there is a concern.

My cat lives indoors, does he really need shots?
We offer vaccinations based on the current recommendations of the American Feline Practioners Association and your personal life style and risk assessment of your cat. Every cat's situation is different, therefore we make recommendations based on individual needs. In general, kittens and young cats need more frequent vaccinations; older cats less frequently. Regardless, it is still important to keep the feline body reminded of potential viruses out there in case of possible future exposure. Sometimes a specific vaccine booster will be recommended one year and maybe not the next with an older, indoor-only cat. Rabies vaccines are recommended on a regular basis for most every cat living indoors or outdoors as there are human health risks involved by not keeping a pet current on his rabies vaccination.

Why does my cat get so upset at the vet clinic?
Cats do not like leaving home or having their routine changed. Most cats are pretty good sports, but there are some who have different ideas and can get pretty upset or nervous in a strange environment. They will sometimes demonstrate their stress through actions such as growling, hissing, hiding or biting. Since we see cats of every type each day, this is nothing new to us, but it can potentially be upsetting to you if you have never seen your kitty act in that manner. We use gentle touch, calm voices, hidey towels, Feliway Stolipheromone, own crates, quiet areas of the clinic to relax, and sedatives as if needed to help minimize that stress. Even though most cats are nervous when taken out of their home environment, it is STILL very important for their health to receive regular care by a veterinarian. Try to keep in mind that he will only be worried for a little while, however, once he goes home, he'll soon forgive and forget.

Why is sedation often required for my cat to be groomed?
Let's face it, cats do a pretty darn good job of grooming themselves most of the time. However, some cats in certain situations may need a little help occasionally. Leaving home and having unfamiliar people comb, bathe, and/or run clippers over them is not any cat's idea of a good time. Sedation is usually needed in order to help your cat not worry so much or become accidentally injured in the process by struggling. In fact, some grooming procedures such as matt removal or anal gland expression are uncomfortable to a cat. Sedation just helps to make the process easier, more comfortable and less stressful for your cat.

Check your local Animal Shelter first such as the Allen Animal Shelter. But know what kind of cat you are looking for so that the right match can be made. Personality traits are very important. Some types of cats do better with children and other pets. Some cats that are more skittish will do better in single home dwellings. Other places to explore in our area would include the Collin Country Animal Services located in McKinney, the North Texas Cat Rescue, SPCA of Texas, Second Chance SPCA, and Operation Kindness just to list a few. It might be worth reviewing on-line pages such as Pet Finder.com. Many times people must even re-home a beloved companion, and need help finding suitable homes. And always call us too! Sometimes we learn of a special fur baby who needs a new bed to bunk at and a new family to call their own.
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