Vet ClinicSurgery: 

Should your cat need surgery, we offer diagnostics such as blood work, close surgical monitoring, post-operative pain medications and loving after care for our patients. Many surgeries are done at our clinic, but occasionally the doctor might feel a patient would be better served by the skills of a specialist surgeon in which case we will help arrange a referral.  Spays and Neuters are referred to TCAP off of Greenville Ave. in Allen. This is a non profit organization that greatly helps animal overpopulation with providing routing spays and neuters.

Teeth CleaningDentistry:

An ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure when it comes to oral cavity health and your cat. Just like people, cats accumulate tartar that eventually leads to oral discomfort, periodontal disease, tooth decay & tooth loss. Tartar and plaque build-up create a breeding ground for bacteria, putting stress on the immune and organ systems which lead to overall poor health. 

We encourage home preventive care through the use of special treats, tooth brushing, and/or diets to help prevent the formation of tartar. When a dental cleaning is needed, the veterinarian uses ultrasonic scalers, polishers and fluoride treatments to ensure that your cat's teeth are as clean, smooth and strong as they can be. By keeping your kitty's mouth in top shape, you improve his health and his quality of life. In some circumstances, we might even decide together that a referral to a board certified dentist would be in the best interest of a patient.

Cat GroomingGrooming:

We offer Sedation Medical Grooming.   Lion Cuts to Channel Cuts under sedation is provided to help stressed out kitties tolerate this sometimes uncomfortable or unpleasant experience with ease. Regular grooming helps to prevent the formation of hairballs in the digestive tract as well as keeping the skin healthy and the coat free of matting. A Lion Cut is when the entire body is shaved very short, leaving long hair (when applicable) on the head, tail and lower limbs. A Channel Cut is when the belly and rear are shaved only but the top coat is able to combed out (when applicable). *** It is best to have Kitty groomed BEFORE matting develops. This practice helps to keep the procedure shorter and easier on your cat, the skin healthier and the fees lower. *** All cats must be up to date on rabies vaccinations and exams. If it is a kitty with health issues, we might need an exam prior to better understand how to help him/her and you. Not all cats are healthy enough for grooming.  

Hissing CatBehavior Counseling : 

Cats share our world with us and are admired because they are easy going pets with the ability to adapt to a variety of living situations. However, normal behavior can change when a cat is struck with illness and or stress. Symptoms such as inappropriate elimination can sometimes occur as well as other issues such as aggression, decreased socialization, increased vocalization, etc. Behavior problems can be frustrating issues, but the sooner action is taken, the more successful we will be in rectifying the situation.


Veterinarian Cats

Cats are masters at covering up problems.  We can help you sort through any concerns you might have such.  Skin or dermatitis issues include symptoms such as overgrooming, excessive licking, fur loss, external parasites, bumps, masses or tumors that appear to be changing or growing.  Mobility issues might be present as limping, reluctance to jump. arthritic changes in the joints, unequal gait.   Gastrointestinal issues might include changes in appetite ,  diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, or appear as just weight loss.  Respiratory issues exhibit signs like excessive sneezing, coughing, increased breathing, wheezing, nasal discharge.  Contagious disease not only include parasites but also viruses, bacteria, protozoal, fungal species.  Urinary issues might show by increased or decreased urination, frequent attempts to urinate, urinating outside of the litter box, strong urine odor or color changes.  Endocrine issues such as diabetes and hyperthyroid being the most common need on going care at home.  Mentation  or Central Nervous System CNS sometimes include confusion, howling, vocalizing.  Ocular problems such squinting, changes in eye color, discharge from the eye, blindness, are all concerns.  If you think something is not right, it is best to just check things out.

PHARMACY:  Offering both in-house pharmacy, and on-line pharmacy through Covetrus.

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